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Item No. PD175724

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Blodgett 40613 RELIEF VALVE, 50 PSI

RELIEF VALVE, 50 PSI 40613  Restaurant Equipment Parts

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  • RELIEF VALVE, 50 PSI 40613  Restaurant Equipment Parts
  • Relief Valve
  • Commonly used on various BLODGETT models such as:  100DS-KLS, 100DS-KLT, 100DS-KPS, 100E-KLS, 100E-KLT, 10E-KTT, 12E-KTT, 20DS-KLS, 20DS-KLT, 20DS-KPS, 20DS-KPT, 20E-KLS, 20E-KLT, 20E-KTT, 20G-KLT, 30DS-KLS, 30DS-KLT, 30DS-KPS, 30DS-KPT, 30E-KLS, 30E-KLT, 40DS-KLS, 40DS-KLT, 40DS-KPS, 40DS-KPT, 40E-KLS, 40E-KLT, 40G-KLT, 60DS-KLS, 60DS-KLT, 60DS-KPS, 60DS-KPT, 60E-KLS, 60E-KLT, 60G-KLT, 6E-KTT, 80DS-KLS, 80DS-KLT, 80DS-KPS, 80DS-KPT, 80E-KLS, 80E-KLT, KCH-40DS, KCH-60DS, KLS-20G, KLS-30, KLS-40G, KLS-60G, KLT-12G, KPS-E100, KPS-E30, KPS-E40, KPS-E60, KPS-E80, KTG-10E, KTG-12E, KTG-6E and where part is applicable.
Additional Information
SKU PD175724
Use For Blodgett
Model Number KCH-40DS, KCH-60DS, KLS-20G, KLS-30, KLS-60G, KLS-DS100, KLS-DS20, KLS-DS30, KLS-DS40, KLS-DS60, KLS-DS80, KLS-E100, KLS-E20, KLS-E30, KLS-E40, KLS-E60, KLS-E80, KLT-100DS, KLT-100E, KLT-12G, KLT-20DS, KLT-20E, KLT-20G, KLT-30DS, KLT-30E, KLT-40DS, KLT-40E, KLT-40G, KLT-60E, KLT-60G, KLT-80DS, KLT-80E, KPS-DS20, KPS-DS30, KPS-DS40, KPS-DS60, KPS-DS80, KPS-E100, KPS-E30, KPS-E40, KPS-E60, KPS-E80, KPT-20DS, KPT-30DS, KPT-40DS, KPT-60DS, KPT-80DS, KTG-10E, KTG-12E, KTG-6E, KTT-10E, KTT-12E, KTT-20E, KTT-6E