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  • Model Number: ST-400

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  1. Momentary Switch Plunger Door 35919  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Momentary Switch Plunger Door

    Item No. PD46919


    • Momentary On/Off Micro Switch
    • Plunger Door
    • Body Size: 49.2 × 17.5 × 24.2 mm (1.94" × 0.69" × 0.95").
    • Commonly used on various BLODGETT models such as: DFG-100 XCEL, EF SERIES, EF-111, EZE SERIES, FA SERIES, FA100, FA200, FA300, GZL SERIES, GZL-10, MARK V, MARK V XCEL SERIES, MARK V-III, MARK V-IIIH, MARK V-IIIHD, SHO-E, SHO-G, ST-300 AA, ST-300 AB,  ZEPHAIRE E, ZEPHAIRE G and where part is applicable.

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