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  • Model Number: MT1820

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  1. Axial Fan - 230V, No Leads 23034  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Axial Fan - 230V, No Leads

    Item No. PDG10120


    • Axial Fan
    • 230V
    • 2900 RPM
    • 102 CFM
    • 4-11/16 x 1-1/2"
    • 4-1/8" hole centers
    • CW
    • No wire leads
    • Commonly used on Blodgett models such as: B14G, BC-20E, BC-20G, BC14G SERIES, BCS-6, BCS-8DS, BCS-8E, BP-100, BP-50, CNV-8E, COS-101, COS-101NSF, COS-101S, COS-101SNSF, COS-20NSF, COS-5H, COS-5HA, COS-6, COS-6NSF, COS-8E, COS-8EDS, CTB, CTB POPEYES, CTB Series, CTB WENDYS, CTB-AP, CTB-G, CTB-GFB, CTB1, CTBR, CTBR POPEYES, CTBR-AP, CTBR-G, CTBR-GFB, DFG-100, DFG-200, DFG-50, MARK V, MARK V KFC, MARK V SERIES, MARK V XCEL SERIES, MARK V-100, MARK V-100 XCEL, MARK V-200, MT2136E, MT2136G, MT3240E, MT3240G, MT3255G, MT3270E, SHO-100E, SHO-100G, SHO-E, SHO-G, ZEPHAIRE 240E PLUS, ZEPHAIRE E, ZEPHAIRE G, ZEPHAIRE G PLUS, ZEPHAIRE 100E, ZEPHAIRE 200E, ZEPHAIRE 200G and where part is applicable.

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