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  • Model Number: PS570G

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  1. Conveyor Drive Motor Kit, Universal 66186  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Conveyor Drive Motor Kit, Universal

    Item No. PD45764


    2011 Middleby Marshall & Blodgett Universal Motor release.

    • This motor replaces all previous drive motors on the models listed below
    • Used for Motor Conversions from Old style and intermediate style motors.
    • Kit includes sprockets and items required for any combination of single belt or split belt ovens
    • 90 VDC
    • 1.04A
    • 53W
    • Reducer Output 12.6 RPM 98.3 in-lbs
    • 80:1 Ratio
    • Used on various Middleby Marshal and Blodgett models such as: BE3240, BG3240, PS200, PS200 TANDEM, PS200-R68, PS200VL, PS220, PS220-R68, PS220FS, PS220VL, PS224, PS224-R68, PS224VL, PS310, PS314, PS314D, PS360, PS360EWB, PS360Q, PS360S, PS360WB, PS360WB70, PS540, PS555, PS555E, PS555G, PS570, PS570G, PS570S, PS640/840-VE2 Including Split Belt and Single Belt Models and where part is applicable.  
  2. Fan Guard, 4-1/8" Centers 22718  Restaurant Equipment Parts

    Fan Guard, 4-1/8" Centers

    Item No. PD127934


    • Fan Guard
    • Wire
    • 4-1/8" center holes
    • Commonly used on various BLODGETT models such as: AC-500 XCEL, BC14G SERIES, B14G, BC14G, BC-20E, BC20G, BP-100, BP-50, MARK V XCEL, MARK V-100 XCEL, MT1820E, MT1828E, MT1828E-CE, MT1828G, MT1828G-CE, MT3240E, MT3240G, MT3855G, MT3855G-CE, MT3855G-G, MT3870, MT3870-CE, SHO SERIES, SHO-100E, SHO-100G, SHO-E, DZ3311, PS570G and where part is applicable.

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